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If you think you may be a child of Priest/Nun, Adopted, NPE or unknown parent, feel free to contact me

My DNA test has lead me to many surprises & emotions. But It also led me to my Biological cousin Jo Braidie McDermot. I was shocked to find out that she was adopted and was looking for her Paternal Biological family. We were so excited to meet and after many hours of research, I was able to tell her who her father was. Like me Jo was able to know her story.


We called ourselves the 'Lost Kelly kids', but we had found each other, my Priest father is her half Great Uncle. I am truly blessed to find Jo, we 'get' this feeling of abandonment and needing to know who we are. We are proud to be Kelly's and our connection was immediate. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have a cousin on my bio side visit me.These last 4 years is like we have known each other forever, I pinch myself in case this is a dream !!!! 

Photo of Jo Braidie  McDermont & Myself

Jo Braidie McDermott & Linda Lawless.jpg

I had the absolute pleasure in helping Breda Thomas with her DNA to locate her Biological family in Cork.


I was there with her in Cork to meet 8 of her 10 new siblings. Her Father had passed, but the O'Callaghan family have greeted her with open arms. 


It was a wild journey but so worth it and glad you have closure. 

 Photo of Breda and her Siblings.

Breda Thomas & Siblings_edited.jpg

I was able to  help Oliver Cosgrove with his DNA. Born in 1949 in England. Oliver was placed in a London children's home at birth and then was sent at age 4 to Perth Australia and placed at Castledare Orphanage which was run by the baleful Christian Brothers. In 1990 Oliver found his mother's family. Sadly she had passed and Oliver was never to glean who his father was. Like me with research and determination the path to his father's identity was pointed to him being a Priest, but the church and legals were closed lip or elusive about his theory. I reviewed his DNA and, as he originally thought, his father was a Glasgow Catholic Priest and his mother was his housekeeper and with him to the day he passed.

This Genealogical hunt with Oliver finally lead him to a 'family' member in Ireland, like many in our position, it was general knowledge in the family that the Priest & housekeeper were together and even had a child. Oliver's new family greeted him with open arms.   Finally After 74 Years Oliver went home to his"family".

The Catholic Church think they can hide us 'Children' in Orphanages all around the world, place us for Adoption, or abandon the Mother and Child. DNA is uncovering what the Church thought were hidden secrets
It was a honour to help Oliver find the truth about his father and so pleased he now feels he can step past the shame and trauma of being hidden by the Catholic Church. 

Oliver Cosgrove & Linda Kelly-Lawless.jpg

Oliver Cosgrove & Myself

Sonia came to me so frustrated with the Church as she always knew the man she was raised by was her father, it was no secret where she lived in India that her father was a adored Catholic Priest. I did her DNA so she could show the Church, family and the whole world she was his daughter and as DNA doesn't lie it showed that Fth Mark Barnes was her father.  I know how important it is to be believed.

Sonia Barnes 4.jpg

Seamus O'Boyle was left at a Catholic orphanage in Ireland 1957. He was raised there till he turned 15 when he was made leave by the nuns and make his own way at such a young age. As a child it was a strenuous upbringing in the orphanage and never knew nothing about his parents. Many times he asked the nuns for answers but was never given any information always a different response which never had any real answers. Eventually he had a famiy of his own and spent many years looking for his family with little luck. His wife mairead contacted the orphanage and other church entities asking for help but was always lied to. Sadly Seamus passed away suddenly in 2015. It was then his son Gino O'Boyle that took over the hunt for his grandparents on behalf of his father. Gino was lead down all sorts or false paths, stories and was so frustrated. I crossed paths with him in Ireland in 2018 and suggested my friend in America & I look at his DNA. The search finally led to Rose Boyle who recently had come back to Ireland after spending most of her life working with the Nuns in America. The DNA lead to Rose and Gino made contact and yes she was his late fathers mother. Sadly Rose had been told by the church her baby boy was adopted, she was so upset to find out he was left in a Orphanage all his life. Rose spent the last 4 years interacting with her lost family, sadly she passed away earlier this year. I will be forever grateful for all of your help and support

Seamus O'Boyle grew up in the orphanage with Brian, who also didn't know who his father was. They became life long friends, best man to each other and also Brian was Gino O'Boyle's god father.  Brian eventually did a DNA test and this lead to the surprise that he was a 'cousin' relation to Seamus O'Boyle's wife. The twists and turns that DNA leads to is amazing. Not only was he Gino's God father, he was also related to him.  I am so glad the family finally have all the answers.

Screenshot 2024-02-26 214408.jpg

Seamus O'Boyle

Gino &Rose.JPG

Gino O'Boyle with his Grandmother Rose Boyle

Screenshot 2024-02-26 214550.jpg

Seamus O'Boyle (on lap) with Brian in the orphanage


Orla (Brian's Daughter), Myself & Gino O'Boyle

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